Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stretching my muscles

Working on: Revisions
Listening to: Il Divo - wish my new cd's would arrive though
Reading: Still Hawk's Way - reading time at a minimum this week

Today I'm over at Tote Bags 'N' Blogs with a post on stretching my writing muscles. It's good timing - lately I've thrown a lot of balls up into the air hoping they'll be caught. I did promise myself that this year would be a year that saw some growth with the writing career and I'm on track with that - at least the part I can control. Whether or not I get to sign on the dotted line - well, that part isn't up to me.

I do have a partial with a couple of agents, and yesterday I signed up for an agent appointment at Nationals, so the agent search is well underway. My editor asked for the new Modern Heat proposal I'd worked up so that's on her desk as I work on my Romance revisions. And Sold To The Highest Bidder has grabbed someone's interest, so right after revisions I'll be working on finishing that up and sending it off with fingers crossed. Fingers in lots of pies. But it's good. And most of all I'm having fun. For a while work wasn't as FUN as I'd like, so it's good to get back to the pure enjoyment of it. I'm just hoping that all this bears some fruit. And that's probably enough of the mixed metaphors for today.

One fun thing that happened yesterday though was receiving copies of Marriage at Circle M in Italian and The Soldier's Homecoming in Greek. :-)

Otherwise I am making slow progress on the spring cleaning. This morning I took down the upstairs bathroom blind and put it in the tub. I detest cleaning blinds, and our upstairs ones are aluminum. But they came with the house so I won't be replacing them as there are twelve windows (at about $50 a blind if we got the ones to match the downstairs.) That being said, if I manage my time right, I might just be able to get the whole bathroom spring cleaned today and cross another room off the list.

But for now, until 2:30 when the kids get home, it's on to revisions.


  1. Good luck on that agent hunt! I was surprised at how difficult it can be, even after you have several books under your belt. My advice--go with your gut instinct. If anything feels "off," run away. :)

  2. Ooo I'm intrigued. Which way are your growing with your writing? Different categories? Single titles? A trip to the moon to write something there? lol. More importantly, does this mean more books? :)

  3. Lacey - I hope it means more books. I'll keep everyone posted. :-)