Thursday, May 14, 2009

More Hours in the Day...

Working on: final pass of revisions
Listening to: Paul Potts, One Chance
Reading: Secret Baby, Surprise Parents

I could really use more hours in the day. The weather is nice today but supposed to be yucky for the long weekend, so I have my white curtains finishing in the wash and nearly ready to hang outdoors. I need to unload the dishwasher. I need to run the swiffer over the floors desperately. I need to finish my revisions.

Last night was a prime example of time getting away. First of all, our brand new trees are delicious. Or so say the local deer. So the dh and I put kids and dog in the truck and drove to the garden centre for blood and bone meal. The theory is you put it in a sac (like using old pantyhose) and hang it from the tree and it keeps the deer away. Time will tell. While we were at the garden centre, we picked up some bedding plants. Most of my gardening is perennials, but I do have urns for either side of the front door, and the kids and dh got me this cute 9 pot stacking thing for the deck for Mother's Day. So I got my plants. By the time we got home, hung up the bone meal, walked the dog, etc. it was time to read to the kids. Then I was about to get into the shower when my mum called. After the shower I read for a whole 5 minutes before the dh came in and wanted to watch something with me, and so I spent an hour with my husband instead.

And since the weather is nice today, it means curtain washing/bedding plant transplanting/flower bed weeding/grass mowing in addition to kiddie yoga and badminton. The dh will be helping but it's a lot to get through before it rains.

It also means that the inside stuff I've been doing won't get touched today.

At least a rainy long weekend means I might get a lot of INSIDE housecleaning done....

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  1. Anonymous10:26 a.m.

    I need to swiffer too. Last weekend I did laundry and then mowed the grass. I didn't buy any new plants this year and I keep thinking I will, but time gets away from me.