Monday, May 04, 2009

Monday News...

Working on: updates and Sold To The Highest Bidder
Listening to: Il Divo, The Promise
Reading: Forbidden, Suzanne Brockmann

Happy Monday. I am going to throw my whites in the washer shortly as this is likely the last good drying day of the week. This weekend was mostly nice - Saturday was a bit wet, but I had Spring Fling with the kids and then selling Guide cookies at the grocery store (she sold, I shopped). And yesterday was my monthly RWA meeting which was a joy as always.

Not much happening for me right now, just continuing on with some work and enjoying the lack of deadline pressure. But yesterday I was sent a link to a new review for The Rancher's Runaway Princess which is great! NikiLee reviewed it for Joyfully Reviewed and said "With a fairy tale ending, this is a classic romantic adventure."
And I finished Breaking Dawn over the weekend. On the whole, I enjoyed the series and would recommend reading it, though there were parts that I was just meh about. There were some opportunities missed to up the stakes that made other parts a bit too pat for my liking. I was not unhappy with how it played out (for the most part) but getting to that conclusion at times lacked an intensity. I could go into it further, but I don't want to leave massive spoilers. Suffice it to say that sometimes Meyer was a little too easy on the characters.
But I still liked it.
Ok I'm off - laundry beckons and then proper work!


  1. I haven't read Meyer's series. I seem to have developed a block towards the whole concept, which is strange since I'm an intrepid romance lover.

    Actually I wanted to harass you over something you wrote months ago (ha ha how's your memory?). In subcare 8 you spoke of too much conflict and this fascinates me especially since I'm an external conflict girl I love it when the heroine takes a bullet for the hero even though he's just been horrible to her so my question is if there is a lot of external conflict but it is connected to internal conflict (and vice versa) would it still be too much conflict? For example the hero who detests being dependent becoming ill and being forced to let the heroine look after him or several similar situations in a book which are external but challenge the characters. Still too much?

    As a reader I love conflict. Conflict them away I say! Of course the material that makes it too the shelves couldn't be accused of being anything but perfect. Still, I'm amazed that there is such a thing as too much conflict.

  2. You should always have external and internal conflict, and the type of book you write determines the balance. The internal conflict is the reason why you care for the characters, it's the reason why you can relate to them. I remember reading a book where the heroine was the perfect wife, perfect mother, perfect lawyer...I couldn't stand her. She was just TOO perfect. Where was her conflict? Where were the opposing forces?

    Actually this is going to go on way too long - hang tight until tomorrow and I'll do a blog post! :-)

  3. Oooo yay! Thanks so much Donna! :) :) :)