Friday, May 15, 2009

Hablas espanol? Italiano?

Working on: bits and bobs
Listening to: Still Paul Potts
Reading: Still Secret Baby, Surprise Parents

I know, I know. Not much progress on the reading front. There has been little time as I have been spring cleaning and gardening and oh yes, the revisions that went back to my editor yesterday. I am hoping to get some reading done this weekend though, in between more spring cleaning and running around like crazy for birthday parties.

I do have a list of odd jobs to do including paperwork (yuck) as well.
Don't miss this week's question over at Ingela Hyatt's Ask An Author event! There are some great books up for grabs this week, and you'll learn something new about me as well. :-)

Sometimes I miss the excitement of having a book out, in the months between releases. It sometimes feels like you're writing in a vacuum. So what is super cool is knowing that you have foreign editions hitting the shelves. This month I have 2 - Un Cliente Special which is the Italian version of Falling For Mr. Dark and Dangerous. Italy skipped over The Soldier's Homecoming and instead put out the 3 Windover books in fairly quick succession. Also in Spain Enamorado de una princesa is out this month which is The Rancher's Runaway Princess.

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  1. Urgh odd jobs list. I have one of those. It's so long now I think that it's taken human form and adds stuff to itself as it pleases.