Thursday, May 07, 2009

Good stuff

Many thanks to everyone who popped by for the last 3 days bits on conflict. Appropriately, my revisions for Noah and Lily just arrived and yep, they have to do with conflict. Thankfully nothing BIG. But tweaks to strengthen what is there and make the arc stronger and better. To keep with the apple tree analogy - there is a small bit of pruning to be done to shape the tree even better. One thread is going to be minimized (as it detracts from the main conflict a bit) and another is going to come into play sooner for the reader, and over all it's all about making the impact stronger.

On the plus side, and believe me I am clinging to these comments like crazy, she loves my hero. As do I. It was a big challenge writing a hero with a disability that will NOT heal. We're not talking walking with a limp, we're talking a whole body part GONE. So the fact that I did take that on and my editor has said he's "amazing, compelling and outrageously sexy" just warms the cockles of my heart. That was the point. He might not see it, but the heroine sure does. His disability doesn't take away from his hotness one bit. *happy sigh*. But I'm biased. I ADORE Noah.

In other good news, Publisher's Weekly ran an article on Harlequin's first quarter. I wasn't sure what to expect - I mean when we heard the 4th quarter sales last year were up 32%, you kind of expect a slump. But nope. Still going strong. Here's the article.


  1. Hey Donna!!!

    Great posts on conflict - always super interesting. I'm in the midst of another shared past story (2 back to back - what was I thinking???) And yes, keeping it in the present can be so tricky!!!

    BIG congrats on the
    Golden Quill finals and YAY on your outrageously sexy new hero :) So glad the revs aren't too bad - always makes for big smiles huh?!

  2. Okay I really want Noah's story and I want it NOW. I was prepared to be patient before but now... Books that address a permanent disability are few and far between and I find them fascinating! The hero or heroines always have a great strength of character and who doesn't love that? Give me!

  3. I want to read his story too! Sounds fascinating, Donna. I've got a hero who lost a body part but I've been terribly wussy and it's the tip of a finger. But then, it's Modern Heat so it can't be too dark.