Friday, May 08, 2009


Working on: Banking and bits and bobs
Listening to: zippers in the dryer
Reading: Hawk's Way - Carter and Falcon

It's Friday. I have decided to let revisions percolate over the weekend. I don't want to start today and have to stop until Monday and lose the flow. And I have learned not to underestimate the value of thinking time. Even now, I have realized something I left out that can actually help solve a few of the minor issues my editor has brought up and I think add something really great to the story.

I have, instead, been doing odd jobs like banking and reorganizing some things and I keep hitting roadblocks i.e. webpages that will not load, etc. It is a bit frustrating. And the morning is almost over! This afternoon too, I need to clean up the house as tomorrow is a very full day.

I did however finish To Marry The Duke by Julianne MacLean last night. Here's my review from Eharlequin:

To Marry The Duke is the first in Julianne's American Heiress series. Each of the books does stand alone, but after reading Clara, Lily and Martin's stories I went back and picked up the first book.

Julianne is very quickly becoming one of my favourite authors EVER. I adore her books. Feisty yet feminine heroines, gorgeous but flawed heroes, always a whiff of scandal and a dash of humour. LOVE THEM. Sophia and James' story is no exception, and I found myself laughing a few times and wiping a tear a few others. James is a terrifically alpha wounded hero. And Sophia is spunky but with such a big heart you love her immediately.

I'm off to try to cross something else off my to-do list.

Forgot to mention - I'm also blogging at the Pink Heart Society today.


  1. To say I can't wait for Julianne's new Scottish historical series is to put it mildly!

  2. Hi Donna,
    I loved your blogs on conflict. They helped me so much. But something I read on M&B forums is puzzling me, so Can I sneak in just one more question? :)

    In the Modern romance editor's top tips on the M&B forums, one of the tips is:

    "Ideally, construct two or three emotional conflicts that can be played out and resolved through your story"

    I took that to mean three related conflicts (all stemming from the core conflict?)
    Maybe one being the H's emotional conflict, another the h's. But what sort of thing would a third one be?