Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Crazy week, part 2

Working on: One Last Time
Listening to: Paul Potts
Reading: Her Own Private Hero, Julianne MacLean

I have picked up another of Julianne's for my next read. I would really love to finish her American Heiress series. However it does mean I am missing 2 of her following trilogy, and so I will pick those up during my next book order and the one I already have will wait.

Last week was crazy week and this week was supposed to be quieter. But things change. Now, I had a great writing day on Monday, that's true. But yesterday was a field trip. Last night I didn't think we had any Guide or Brownie meetings, but dd2 DID so there was carting her back and forth to that. THEN we have a slight dental problem so Dd1 is off for a dental appt this afternoon. As well, my brother called on Monday night and he is flying in tonight and will be spending a few days. Tomorrow is the last day for yoga and badminton for the girls, and the husband is out of town starting tonight. In the meantime, my word count has been sucking out loud. I'm in the middle of this book and the momentum hasn't picked up yet. And it has to. We're nearly to June, and I have to have this finished because the first three weeks of July are non-working - first company here for 10 days and then me off to Washington DC for Nationals.

So. Taking a deep breath, hoping next week is indeed quieter and determined to at least get some work done TODAY.

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  1. Good luck with the momentum. You can do it.