Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Book Blogs

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Adding a few book blogs today and then dashing out the door. Found out last night that my brother will be in town tomorrow through to the end of the week so the hideabed needs to be made out. Plus there is the last week of badminton and yoga for the girls and a haircut on Thursday. My "lighter" week doesn't feel so light at this moment.

Ok so for the book blogs:

Such Sweet Sorrow by Katie Flynn

My CP sent me this book for Christmas knowing that I am particularly fond of WWII stories. It is quite different, set in Liverpool and definitely not a romance but firmly a fiction with a few romantic elements. Once you get used to the Liverpool accent, it can be quite enjoyable though I found it heavier on narrative than I'm used to. It took me quite a while to read the first half, and I figured out why: it was the stakes. There were the stakes of the war and the bombing raids, but the PERSONAL stakes were very light. However when you get into the second half, there is a lot more issue within the family - a bit of a love triangle and new story and an accident and it was much easier to turn the pages.

But it is one of those books that I think I will remember more than I expect long after I finished reading it.

Playboy Boss, Pregnancy of Passion by Kate Hardy

This is released as a Modern Heat - US release upcoming

This is the second in Kate's "To Tame A Playboy" Duet - I blogged the first book last week. I enjoyed both books a lot although I think Karim stole my heart just a little bit more than Luke.
However there is always something in Kate's books that is just so seductive. In the last - it was the food. Oh, the food. In this book, it's the seaside. And the really really NICE hotel. And mostly- the apple orchard. I grew up on an apple farm. Sarah's family home - the farmhouse, the orchard....when I read one of Kate's books I seem to just settle into somewhere that is familiar. I love how I can relate to the characters. And just when I think I will make it through without crying....page 182. And the book is 184 pages long! LOL

Thank you Kate for another great read!

This puts me at 33 books for the year so far. A bit off my goal but I have done some catching up lately. I should have 2 more to add by the end of the week. :-)

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