Saturday, May 16, 2009

Book blog and reel review

It's the weekend and I'm puttering. This morning I finished Liz Fielding's Secret Baby, Surprise Parents...Liz's books are always just a little bit different - she does a great job of coming up with unique twists on hooks. But this one definitely stands out, with a huge emotional conflict and an adorable baby caught in the middle. :-)

And last night I was totally indulgent and watched Australia.

All I can say is OMG and this is going on an I want to Own wishlist. I hadn't heard it called "Australia's Gone With The Wind" but then today when I showed my kids the trailer on Youtube I did come across that which is funny because I did get that feeling a few other times (although Sarah was much more likable than Scarlett in my opinion). But it's the epic feel of it that makes that comparison plausible. And a nostalgic, timeless feeling reminiscent of Casablanca.

Nicole Kidman was splendid and with a lovely lovely character arc. And Hugh Jackman was, well, beyond description. I could try to explain his depth of emotion, his sexiness, his totally ripped word. Total package might be the way to describe it. Their first kiss actually made me sigh aloud. And there is a scene near the end where he cries and I was just a blubbering wreck.

It was definitely a three-hanky watch for me, with the boy Nullah being the clincher. Oh, those big eyes, the cheeky grin, the innocent wisdom. There are so many good takeaway lines here too, and the whole Aboriginese theology is so profound. When Nullah says "I will sing you to me, Mrs. Boss" and she replies, "And I will hear you." I was a goner. And all set in one of my favourite time periods with a gorgeous, sweeping backdrop. One of the clinchers was the musical theme of variations on Sheep May Safely Graze. It added such a poignancy.

David Wenham (Faramir, Lord of the Rings) plays the villian and did it well. I couldn't help but resent it the tiniest bit as Faramir is one of my favourite LOTR characters.

If you haven't watched it yet, do it.


  1. Great blog Donna. DH and I watched it on Friday - loaned from a friend - as it wouldn't normally be the type of film we would buy - but and we both loved it. To be honest dh is a action/thriller sort of man but even he said it was good. I did miss a few of the great one-liners and had to rewind as I found some of the accents difficult to understand at first. But one of the best was from the young boy "are you doing "mind your own business?"" LOL. Take care. Caroline x

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