Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The secret we've always known...

The world is clueing in to what we romance writers and readers have always known:


Harlequin's 60th anniversary is well underway, and so is our recession, but sales are going nowhere but UP.

The last few weeks especially the media has been expressing happy surprise at the way Harlequin is reporting record sales during these tough economic times.

The latest is a segment on ABC's Nightline - which is a great piece, and does concede that Romance does come from Canada. LOL. Favourite bits include Gena Showalter being told she looks innocent and yet naughty, one cover model that looks a lot like Greg Vaughn, and readings by male celebrities. Paul Rudd is fabulous and my personal favourite is Martin Bashir reading from Michelle Douglas's Harlequin Romance - The Aristocrat and the Single Mom.

Other great press is an article from the NY Times - Donna Hayes (Harlequin's CEO) must be floating on air - and on the Today Show where it is called "Tall Tales of Lusty Love", tongue firmly in cheek.

Today has been a crazy day. E-mails, doing a post for the PHS tomorrow, writing a short bit that will appear in cyber space soon, and running out to Best Buy for the new Il Divo CD. I heard a few songs and knew I had to have it for the new book. :-)

Mostly I'm feeling very upbeat about it all, which is very very nice.

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  1. I'm loving all the great buzz about romance novels. Not that we didn't already know how great they are. :-)