Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Book, New Soundtrack

Working on: The Playboy Prince's Bedroom Assignment
Listening to: Il Divo, The Promise
Reading: Eclipse

Today's a busy day - I had a dental appt and then a meeting at the bank and a stop at the post office, and after school the eldest has a dental appt too which requires a liquid diet and tylenol, as well as yoga class for the youngest etc. And I just remembered I washed a load of clothes and need to put them in the dryer - my clothesline will hopefully be fixed this weekend.

I am over at the Pink Heart Society talking about a new CD and one that is featuring in part in my new "soundtrack" for the new book. Some gorgeous sweeping melodies and orchestrations, pop over and have a peek at my review.

And I LOVE the new Il Divo album. I will admit they totally disappointed me live. The stage show was bland and there were some pitch problems as well. But my new cd came with a dvd as well and in the interview Carlos talks about how this album is different, and I would agree with his assessment. I think it is the best of the four (if you include their Christmas album). I was particularly touched at their version of Hallelujah - Aleluya. I saw it on the track list and thought oh no. But they treat it with reverence and sensitivity, and I could listen to Urs all day:

So I will be listening to it a LOT writing this book I imagine.

Last night I watched Nights In Rodanthe and was reminded why I don't like Nicholas Sparks very much. Actually I loved the Notebook movie but it had a happy ending of sorts. And I will admit, I cried towards the end of Nights in Rodanthe, and there were some beautiful mother-daughter moments as well.

But you know, I'd rather have the happy ending. If you don't mind being SPOILED, read ahead...

All that aside, I probably could have forgiven the ending if the rest of the movie had been riveting. But I was bored. It was a beautiful story but lacking in real conflict. There was lots bringing these two together, but not many reasons keeping them apart. I mean on Adrienne's (sp?) side, she had her ex being an idiot, and dealing with single mom stuff. And for his part, he was dealing with his failures. But there was nothing about THEM as a unit keeping them apart. The tension, for me, was not about "how are they going to overcome the problem to be together at the end." It was "la la la nice love story, so when and how is one of them going to bite it because I know there is not a happy ending". (I was right. About which one, not the method).

Right - now I'm off to try to get some work done in the one hour I have left...


  1. You know, I want to like Il Divo. I really, really do. But all I can think of when I listen to them is that they're always overdoing it. I find a definite lack of subtlety to their music -- it's almost like they're all trying to out-belt each other, which annoys me. :) It is possible to have a powerful voice and not bellow!

    On that note, how are things, hon? Haven't talked to you in an age!

  2. You know, I think that is part of why I like the new album - there is less of that. Definitely more subtlety. Amazing Grace is, well, amazing.

    And I'm good.

  3. Well, if you like the big, operatic voice (and I do) these guys are amazing. But if you don't like the big voice with vibrato they could be overwhelming. I could find myself putting them on for mood music.