Monday, April 20, 2009


Working on: The Playboy Prince's Bedroom Assignment
Listening to: Il Divo - The Promise
Reading - STILL Eclipse

The Ask an Author interviews continue today with week 2 on Ingela Hyatt's blog - Romantic Ramblings. If you want to find out what era your favourite authors (including me) would choose for a month long vacation in the past, pop on over and find out!

Not much has changed in my "working on etc." lines over the weekend as I was horrendously busy but in a good way. The weather was cool but clear and so Friday afternoon and evening I cleaned the house top to bottom with the exclusion of the back hall/half bath. I finished that up Saturday morning and then immediately went outside to begin staining the front railings. It took me 3 hours, all alone as the dh and kidlets went with a buddy to pick up lawn fertilizer and random other items.

The girls had tea at a friend's house in the afternoon, and I then planted dahlias around our tree stump and started the yucky job of picking rocks - which I did until 4 p.m. It is so rocky here I never even left our yard and the good news is if we decide to expand the lawn I have already removed a lot of rock. I got the border of the dahlias done and about half of the big perennial bed. I do like the look of a rock border as it is neat and tidy and also makes mowing so much easier. Then it was making supper and tidying up and oh yes, I'd washed bedspreads and hung them on my newly fixed clothesline. A busy day. So busy I nearly fell asleep watching Brideshead Revisited later that night while sipping a lovely Pinot Noir. (Brideshead was good, not spectacular but the casting was wonderful and it was nicely shot all told.)

Yesterday I was out picking rocks by 9 a.m. so I could finish before 10, I hung out a load of whites and then we were off to the park with friends, kids and dogs. Dreamer went for a swim (Brrrr!) and had the best time. She is truly a water dog and was mostly dry by the time we got back to the truck. We stopped at the newly opened garden centre and stocked up on shrubs as well, which was unplanned. So after lunch, I put the second coat of stain on the railings (this time, it only took 2 hours instead of 3) and then we started planting - a bleeding heart in each of the side beds, heather in dd1's bed, four boxwoods in front of the house, and then in the big perennial bed, a lilac, firebush, and 2 more rhododendrons.

I came inside, made supper, cleaned up, and had NO problem sleeping again.

Now I'm off to hang out more clothes - the weather is supposed to turn wet for the next few days - and get to that word count!

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