Thursday, April 02, 2009


Working on: laundry and to-do list
Listening to: nothing -waiting for the house to clear out
Reading: Twilight

The manuscript is GONE!!!!!!!!!! Along with synopsis and a page of pics that I had saved during my research. Heard from my editor that it arrived safe and sound, so I'm feeling very happy.

So, I started reading Twilight last night and will reserve judgment until I reach the end. I also cheated and fed my family chicken fingers for dinner. I didn't get the ms sent until 4:30, so tonight I will be Mrs. Domesticity and make a proper meal. I also have laundry already on the go.

Otherwise I'm tackling a to-do list of odd jobs including updating my site and sending out my newsletter and drawing my latest contest winner. Stay tuned for all those developments hopefully later today!

Now I'm off to do the school run and dog walk. It is our last day of sun for a while so I plan to enjoy it!

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  1. Everyone has to have some comments. That way they know someone is reading this blog. Who wrote Twilight and what is it about?
    Congratulations on getting your manuscript sent off. It sounds interesting. God Bless.