Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A Cruel April Fool's Joke and some news....

Reading: Twilight, starting the moment this book is sent
Listening to: Just got back from my walk, and the birds were crazy and lovely
Working on: the polishing round of deadline book due today

TWILIGHT (and the rest of the series) finally arrived yesterday! It is my reward for finishing this book, and I will not open it until after I've hit the send button. See it sitting there so prettily on my bookcase?

I am taking a few days "off" which means reading, and also a list of things to do that have gone by the wayside over the last few weeks because of the deadline.

This morning as the dh and I were in bed after the alarm, listening to the news, the broadcaster announced that due to all the storm days the school year was being extended to July 10 so that the instructional days requirement would be met.

After I picked my jaw up from the footboard, well. I went ballistic. We have friends coming - the whole family - the day after school is out. Plane tickets have been purchased. And I went on about how there were so many other options to make up time than extending the school year, etc. etc. Even the dh was quite put out.

Then my youngest came out of bed with a cute smile and said, Hey, April Fool's Day!

And the lightbulb went on.

Sure enough, it's all an April Fool's Joke and they got me GOOD. School will be ending on June 29 as planned.

ANYHOO Can't stay long as I have the final pass to make on this ms. However I did say there was some news and so I should share that before I go. The bad news is that half a book I had sent my editor that was NOT for Romance was ultimately rejected. However she explained why it didn't work in depth and it was all stuff I suspected might be problematic (which is why I wanted her to look at the first half anyway). But the silver lining is that while it clearly does not fit this line, it does not mean it might not eventually find a home somewhere, so I'm going to finish it anyway and just have fun with it.

The GOOD news is that Rescued By The Rancher has been accepted! Yay! No more work (besides copy edits). I'm still waiting for official word on the title and release date so I'll share that once I know.

Now I'm off to whip this into shape and get it sent. Happy April Fool's Day!


  1. So so pleased about RBTR - at least that's not an April Fool's Joke. Congratulations!


  2. ROFL Poor you...and all the other parents who I'm sure fell for that April Fool's joke. ;-)

    And big congrats on RBTR.

    Ooo, and enjoy Twilight. They do look all pretty on your bookshelf there. hehehe

  3. Congrats on the book! More happy dancing for you, chickie! :)

    And I conspired with the Offspring to play a prank on the g'parents -- she went running up to them, her hands over her mouth, saying "I lost a tooth! I lost a tooth!"

    They fell for it, until she whipped her hands away, grinned and said, "April Fools!" They all laughed.

  4. Congrats on the Romance being accepted, hugs on the rest xx

  5. Holy cow! That's a good April Fool's joke. Puts my colored milk in the cereal bowl to shame.