Sunday, April 12, 2009

Book Blog 23 - New Moon

This weekend was the perfect opportunity for me to finish New Moon.

All told, I actually enjoyed this one more than Twilight. I was caught in the first chapter and it seemed to move quite smoothly for me. I grieved with Bella when Edward left, and I have to admit I laughed when I reached the pages that read only with the name of the month - letting us know that when we picked up again, it was months later. I didn't have any problem with Bella's depression, and probably because her relationship with Edward is not an ordinary relationship. It is, by its very nature, over the top intense, and so her reaction is as well. Bella is old for her years as well, acting like an adult before her time in many ways, and so the violence of her grief for him didn't jar me.

I did however like the dynamic between her and Jacob, and I found her feelings for him...wanting there to be more, wondering if it was okay to settle...very realistic. She cares about him deeply, she trusts him and relies on him. Is it necessary that he be a great passion like Edward? And she's almost RELIEVED when she finds out his secret. It is hard not to like Jacob. He is a good kid, and so is Edward, even if they are on opposite sides.

But here is where we get to a part that DID jar me and once again I've been thinking why this is so. The sudden switch to a storyline that is not Bella/Jacob/Victoria and back to a Bella/Edward was too sharp and unrelated. Edward's reappearance was very loosely connected to what was going on back in Forks, and suddenly Bella is whisked off to Italy without a word to Jacob. The switch was too abrupt.

Once again I think it is one of the risks of being in first person. We do learn what Edward has been doing all this time, etc. but only once the high stakes storyline is somewhat resolved and Edward is safe again. Bella couldn't know what he was doing because they had no contact. But if we'd been in a third person POV, the thread of Edward tracking Victoria and going off course would have made perfect sense and led up to the crisis so much better. It would have been fantastic to have been privy to Edward receiving the bad news from Rosalie as well and all that led to the trip to Italy, rather than experiencing it second hand through Alice. I wanted to SEE Edward make his request to the Volturi, and see his reaction when he decided what he had to do. It would have been SO powerful.

First person can be so limiting, and while I LOVE having Bella's voice and POV, in each book there has always been a distinct disadvantage at not being able to see the other side of the coin.
BUT, that being said, the twist at the end has stuck in my mind and I am dying to find out how Bella can get what she wants and still keep the treaty between the Quileutes and the Cullens.

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