Monday, April 27, 2009

Back, refreshed

Working on: The Playboy Prince's Bedroom Assignment
Listening to: The washer's spin cycle
Reading: Breaking Dawn

Thursday brought a ray of sunshine in the form of my RT magazine. I was more than pleased when I checked the June reviews and saw that HIRED: THE ITALIAN'S BRIDE got a 4! And the reviewer had this to say: “A lovely setting, well-written characters and a completely believable conflict make for an engaging read.” Colour me stupendously happy with that.

This past weekend my mum and stepdad were here for a visit. Friday was work for a few hours in the morning, then rushing out for groceries and trying to clean the house. They arrived in time for supper.

Saturday I took them shopping and I had a few errands and so we were gone most of the day. When we got back, my lovely husband had made a turkey dinner! All that was left to do was peel and slice carrots. He had potatoes, squash, dressing, turkey, gravy and fresh rolls all prepared. I made sweet scone dough for strawberry shortcake. Mmmm! Yesterday the parents took a drive to see some friends, so I did some laundry and read. And then we had supper which was balsamic steak skewers, garlic butter scallops (both done on the barbeque) and salads. Poor stepdad, he likes fish but my mum doesn't, so when he visits I try to accommodate. I'm not a big fish eater myself but salmon and scallops are two things I can do quite happily.

Both mornings I got up early and walked the dog, and it was GORGEOUS. The birds are back for the summer and the noise is spectacular. Woodpeckers are laughing at each other and the pheasants are squawking night and day. On Sunday before I ever left our driveway I saw robins, starlings, blue jays and downy woodpeckers. Then there were the chickadees, the yellow warblers, cedar waxwings, dark-eyed juncos and pheasants on the walk. And I swear I heard an owlet in the woods. Nothing else I can imagine would screech like that. And the ospreys were out circling on Saturday. The only thing I didn't see this weekend were the neighbourhood deer.

But the parents have headed back home again, and I'm back to work. The house needs some love too and I have clothes to hang on the line.

But first - the latest read reviewed!

I finished Eclipse last night. In some ways, I liked this book better than New Moon. Things that I wanted to happen happened - in other words, if I had put my characters in this situation, this is just how I'd get them out. That's not to say it was predictable - I certainly wasn't sure if Meyer would take the route I wanted, but I felt satisfied when she did, for the most part. There also seemed to be a depth to this one that perhaps was missing in the others. The emotions were REAL. I liked how Bella could see Edwards faults and also Jacob's and more importantly, her own. There was one aspect of her relationship with Jacob I would have changed, but I can live with it.

There was a depth to the plotting too that I liked. I loved hearing Jasper's story. You get the sense in the other books that while he's the newest "vegetarian", there is a purity about him. Finding out the truth was cool. I also really wanted the La Push gang and the Cullens to somehow work together - after all, they were facing a common enemy, and it was good how that happened. And while Jacob at times seemed immature, the conversation he has with Edward in the tent was FANTASTIC. There is a line that mentions that if they hadn't been so different, they might have been friends in another life/situation. It reminded me of Band of Brothers where one of the Easy Company men said he wasn't any different from the Germans, and that if they hadn't been on different sides they might have had things in common that made them friends.

Overall I thought there were glimpses of more complexity and depth and I really liked it.

Now I'm on to Breaking Dawn. There seem to be two camps on this - those that hate how Meyer wrapped it up, and those that love it. All I know is that the Volturi are going to be a formidable adversary.


  1. Glad you're back!

    Yay on the review, I have it on my TBR pile. :-)

  2. Yay you on the nice review :)

    Good to see you back too.

    Talk soon!

  3. I can't quite make it through Eclipse... maybe I'll try again and then hit Breaking Dawn. But I did see the film over the weekend!! *swoon*