Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Sick. Again. And seriously wondering why it is when I take cough syrup I end up laying awake most of the night instead of becoming drowsy and nodding off within minutes like I should...

Tonight there will be no cough syrup.

But I guess this is just my year for bugs.

Anyhoo. I finished reading Snowbound by Janice Kay Johnson last night and really liked it. I had been told I would, and I reviewed it over at eharlequin for the challenge. It was last year's short contemporary RITA winner. (By the way, RITA and GH calls go out today. I am SO not expecting my phone to ring.)

And after the kids went to bed I felt like doing nothing beyond curling up in a blanket so I watched the end of Tess of the D'Urbervilles that was on Masterpiece Theatre in January.

I was really looking forward to it by the way. I love Masterpiece and also am a fan of Hardy. But this production did absolutely NOTHING for me. The production itself was a bit rough around the edges, which I imagine was a creative decision for good reasons, but it didn't work for me. And neither did the casting. Everyone was just sort of...odd looking. I didn't think anyone matched their character at all. Especially Tess and Angel. Eddie Redmayne played Angel. And the funny thing is I LOVED him in The Other Boleyn Girl. But as Angel Clare? No way. He looks like a skinny boy!

I had also taped Wuthering Heights. WH is not my favourite book to start with. I would much rather take Mr. Rochester over Heathcliff any day of the week. So I was already ambivalent about watching. Then I saw the casting for Cathy and Heathcliff and just thought, what the heck were they thinking? So you know what? I deleted it without even watching.

That is really really not like me. But Tom Hardy simply does not match up with my vision of Heathcliff. Heathcliff is hard and brooding. This looks like a boy with big lips who needs a haircut. In another role? Certainly. As Heathcliff? Hmmm. Doesn't work for me.

Clearly, I wanted the leads to be more "manly" men. And it's unusual for me to be so harsh when in general I at least LIKE the adaptations I see. So perhaps these just didn't work for me, or I'm getting more grumpy, or something.

Now I have a chapter to finish and I'd better get to it, so I can have a nap later.


  1. No, you're not grumpy. You're just discerning. Feel better.

  2. Check your cough syrup for caffeine, babe. Sometimes they add it to counteract the drowsiness...