Monday, March 23, 2009

Reel Reviews

Had a great weekend - cleaned the house Friday night, so Saturday was laundry and going to the park with family and dogs and then working in the afternoon. I was (and am) still grieving the loss of BSG, so by Saturday night, I was ready for some R&R and I went to the movie store.

You know I ALWAYS had a policy of reading the book before watching the movie, and I break that rule all the time now. Sometimes I just CAN'T wait. This weekend was one of those times.

However on Saturday night I watched a movie I had picked up just for me (and yes, based on a book but not one on my must have list). I watched The Duchess with Keira Knightley, Ralph Fiennes and Dominic Cooper.

Dominic Cooper isn't really one of my favourites but I cannot deny he does chemistry very well. I remember a scene from Sense and Sensibility that just wowed me, and there is a scene in The Duchess that wowed me too. Keira Knightley was good...the movie itself was good but not great. I will say that Ralph Fiennes was very good at playing an...well, a word I won't type here.

Then I was very naughty and spent yesterday afternoon with my girls, watching Twilight.

Now, I've been told by many sources that the books are wayyy better than the movie so I went into it with that mindset. And if it's the case, I wish the book would get here already!!!!!!!! Because I did like the movie a lot. Heck, even the husband watched it with us the second time around.

We both agreed it had a sort of "Twin Peaks" vibe about it. The way it was filmed, some of the music, that type of thing. I liked that part a lot.

And I've heard that the sexual tension in the books is very high even though Edward and Bella don't have much of a physical relationship. The movie did this really well, because I had that tight feeling in my chest throughout most of it, sort of holding my breath and waiting. The little touches. The intensity of Edward's looks. Bella's determination. I loved how she was not the prettiest girl or the most athletic but she was smart and she was capable. Kristen Stewart reminded me a bit of Jorja Fox only younger and even prettier while being gloriously unglam. :-)

And I totally fell for Edward. It really is true - girls love a bad boy. I was reminded of the line in the Anne of Green Gables movie where Anne tells Marilla how she wouldn't want a truly wicked man, but one that COULD be wicked, and wouldn't. Edward has done some not so nice things. But Bella is different for him. So while we trust him completely, we also know that he's DANGEROUS. And that danger is EXCITING. He has an edginess I love. One of my favourite parts was when he tells Bella to distract him so he doesn't turn the car around. (Dangerous. Oh yes, but because he is defending her! Sigh!) She tells him he should put on his seatbelt. He laughs, and the expression on his face was to die for.

So I totally get the Edward heart throb thing.

Anyway if the books are WAYYY better than the movie, I'm in for a definite treat.

Now off to work, I have a first draft to finish this week!


  1. Hey Donna, I keep a look out for Duchess, thanks.

    Every time I see BSG, you come to mind. :)

  2. Oh yes, girl. You've GOT to read the books. They are fabulous times a million. ;-)

    I watched the Duchess this weekend, too! It was my Friday night treat. I enjoyed it but ooooo, I'd have never lasted a day in her shoes. *shudders*

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