Thursday, March 19, 2009


Today I am going to get a late writing start as I have a meeting with the accountant at 9:15 and a few errands to run afterwards - with the hope that I'll be home at lunch and can work the afternoon.

Yesterday was a day of positives. First of all, chapter eight that I wrote pre-second revisions turned out to be not as bad as I thought, and came back from my CP with minor tweaks. Which I tidied up, layering in about 500 words. Then I wrote about 900 words on the new chapter, which isn't stellar progress, but it's definitely okay.

Better than that, my editor e-mailed with comments on the first three chapters as we agreed last week this would be a good idea. Both to head off trouble at the pass, and for me personally it was knowing I would have some direction that I could apply to the rest of the book before finishing and handing it in. I have loved writing it so I was anxious. That's what happens when you start doubting your own judgment.

The comments were fab, in that there is a lot she likes and her suggestions were of the subtle shift/minor tweak sort. This means nothing truly changes with the foundation of the story as far as conflict etc. and I can carry on with the first draft. It also means that when I hit THE END for the first time, I can go back with a clear idea of how she wants the first chapters to shape up, and then let those tweaks trickle into following chapters. Hopefully the end result will be a strong, emotional, satisfying read that won't require an overhaul or me buying stock in Lindt.

So I'm feeling very positive about it and looking forward to writing the ending.

I also realized that I have three foreign releases this month - Falling for Mr. Dark and Dangerous (Attracion Irresistible) is available in Spanish on eharlequin and amazon. In Italy, Marriage at Circle M is out and The Soldier's Homecoming also makes an appearance in Greece.

Today comes very close to making up for the days when it doesn't go so well.


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Donna. I really had no idea how much networking and community is involved in writing--not in the sense that you're writing your book by committee, but more, that you've built yourself a good support system that pushes you to do your best.

    And congratulations on the good news.

  2. I could not do this without Michelle. She is the best CP ever.

    And getting direction from editorial - especially after a few books that have been rather difficult - just seemed smart. So much of this process is confidence and when the crows are cawing in your ear, you need someone there.

    Both Michelle and my editor push me lots, but I know they do it because they believe I can.

  3. Hugs, you write such wonderful warm books I know you do it.

  4. Anonymous10:45 p.m.

    Congrats on receiving excellent feedback from your editor! Always a boost to the confidence knowing you're on the right track.