Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Redux

This has been a crazy month. CRAZY. So what have I accomplished in the last 31 days?

Family wise:

2 birthdays
1 week of spring break
1 kid with the flu
ME with the flu
organized my tax info to get to the accountant - much more difficult when you're self-employed.

Work wise:

Have written 30k + on deadline book due tomorrow
One very large set of revisions on previous book - 2 sets of revisions and copy edits took the time to write this book from 8 weeks down to 6
Facilitated a week long online workshop on Character Development
Updated my website, newsletter, and mailed out contest winners at the first of the month

Not much wonder I'm tired, and ready for a bit of a break...I'll be taking a few days to update the site again, etc. and do some reading, and we've planned a weekend away really soon that I'm quite looking forward to.

In the meantime, we are being pummelled by winter one more time. Forget Lions and Lambs. March came in with a roar and is going out exactly the same way, dammit. That also means no school, so one day before deadline the kids are home again. Their dad threatened them with loss of allowance if they don't tow the line today. Bless him.

Finally, tomorrow there's a bit of a surprise sale on at eharlequin. This came in my eharlequin newsletter which also lists The Rancher's Runaway Princess in the Top 10 Matches (it's on sale in the Make a Match sale). Anyway, if you do some shopping tomorrow I do believe you'll receive a coupon in your e-mail, though for what remains a mystery....

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