Friday, March 06, 2009

Little Things

Yesterday was a day of little things...some little that got accomplished (including my 2k a day word count) and others that landed on my desk but that I was waiting for and happy to see.

First of all, hooray for Canada and PLR. PLR is Public Lending Right and it is a way for authors to get a tiny bit of money for their books being in the library sytem here. The UK has done this for years as well, and I feel really fortunate we have it in this country. I got my first PLR cheque yesterday. Small, certainly, but any little bit is great. Now I get to add the new titles from the last year to my bibliography.

One title I will add is the hardcover library edition of The Soldier's Homecoming. It was released last year by Thorndike Press and I hadn't thought of listing it except a neighbour popped by last night because he'd received a parcel in error. It was 3 copies of this edition. So that came and I have a giveaway going on over at the eharlequin community...the post is called Friday Freebie...

And my tax form came from the Calgary school board for the small amount of fill-in work I did last year before we moved. This means that over the next week I'll be putting everything together (this takes a while when you're self-employed and can write off bits of household expenses) and we are letting an accountant work her magic this year rather than me stressing.

So good news although a few new tasks to be done in addition to FINISHING THIS BOOK.

Which means - I'm signing off, and hoping to finish chapter seven today.


  1. It's definitely a huge plus to have the PLR. Not everyone can afford to buy books but so many still crave reading, and libraries have certainly saved my sanity in that regard. So it's very, very good to know the authors benefit from something that lightens the heart and feeds the hungry minds of people on a no-$$-for-books budget.

  2. Donna;

    You are right about the Public Lending Right in Canada. My DH has benefited from this fund for several years now for a small book he did a number of years back which we self published. Access Copyright and PLR made the difference between losing money and breaking even. Good luck on your tax preps. I have been in your shoes, it can be a lot of work.