Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Julie Cohen nominated me for this the other day and I hadn't had a chance to post and then Kate Walker did the same thing so I'd say it's about time.

It's the Lemonade naming people who brighten - and sweeten - my days with their blogs and otherwise cheeriness. And believe me - there are times when I need it.

It's not a hard task to come up with a few, even though I'm doing less blog reading these days.

Michelle Styles
Kate Hardy
Anna Louise Lucia
Kate Walker
Kris Starr
India Grey (who never fails to make me laugh)
Liz Fielding
Julie Cohen

And many group blogs that make me think and smile and laugh - like the wonderful bloggers at The Pink Heart Society and Tote Bags 'n' Blogs and Romancing the Blog. I thank God every day for the great community of writers I'm blessed to be friends with.

Now it's back to the WIP for me. I got stuck again yesterday and realized the scene I'd inserted earlier wasn't quite long enough, and by expanding it I will set the stage for better conflict and subtext later on. So it is full steam ahead.


  1. Anonymous5:06 p.m.

    Hi Donna - I'm always impressed by your book "slide bars" showing your books progress and the fact that you have 3(!) books on the go at the same time. Blimey how do you do it? Do you have days where you type on all 3 WIPs? Or one day on one, then another day on the others etc. I would get confused if I even tried to work on 2 never mind 3! Take care - Caroline

  2. Hahahaha! Sorry Caroline. I've apparently duped you.

    I find it impossible to work on more than one book at a time. I am fickle but hero monogamous. I can't have two on the string at once.

    So, those word counters are different stages - for example, rescued by the rancher hasn't been removed because the revisions are in but it hasn't been approved, Captured By The Cowboy is the one that is due the end of this month (Gasp!) and Sold to the HIghest Bidder is one I started and had to put aside because of the other 2 being contracted. The plan is to finish it once CBTC is in.

    So I really only work on one at a time.