Saturday, March 14, 2009

Conflict and Complication

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I remember not long ago when my CP was doing revisions and she sent up the cry - why do I do this to myself? Or in her exact words not long ago: A simple enough concept. You would think I had learnt that by now.

I spent part of my week facilitating an online course on Characters and the cool thing about courses is that in imparting wisdom you actually learn something as you remind yourself of things you have unfortunately forgotten. Since conversation on character development naturally lends itself to talking about GMC and arcs and what not, I had a surpreme AHA! moment and the following "DUH, God Donna your mind is a sieve" reaction.

What's been giving me troubles lately is shared past backstories. So my big brain wave this week is that the shared past is allowed to be a COMPLICATION but it shouldn't be the CONFLICT. Otherwise you spend the entire story in the past. BORING. DULL. DRAGGY. The actual CONFLICT must come from the PRESENT SITUATION. Where they are now - not where they've been.

How can I possibly claim to be forward thinking? Grrrr on me!

I, in my infinite wisdom, sent a hallelujah/I'm so stupid e-mail to my CP saying that I didn't have this problem with Marriage at Circle M. It really is so unfair she has such a good memory as she pointed out that she told me to get rid of the EX in that story.

Even if you look at The Soldier's Homecoming, the heroine's leery because the hero burned her once before. BUT, her issue with him now, while the past relationship is a complication, is of the threat he poses to the NOW - being the life she's built for herself and her daughter.

Anyway, hopefully this means I will find potential to move things forward better as I continue through my revisions.

My eldest had her birthday yesterday and we had a fun evening. It is amazing to see babies grow up and have friends and sleepovers and giggles over boys. The fun is just beginning...

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  1. I think all writers wonder why they do this to themselves at some point in every book...