Saturday, February 07, 2009

Saturday Morning Walks

It started out so peaceful and lovely like this:

Then we got a little slower, through this:

Phew....getting tired at the end! (Thanks for the lift, Uncle O!)

It was a great morning.


  1. Beautiful!! It is 72 here today. What snow we had has melted and we're wearing shorts;)

  2. That is beautiful wish we had snow here in California, we live in L.A. so don't get any. Love your books.

  3. Thank you Penney and Chelle!

    What the pictures don't show is that there was a crust on the snow, so with every step you were breaking through crust. At the beginning the path was well beaten down, but at the end it was definitely more like trudging - especially for the jr member of the party with the shorter legs. :-)