Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Results are IN!

WOW, what a crazy amazing response to my January contests!

First up - my newsletter contest. Many thanks to all the new subscribers this month! I've drawn the winner and the calendar etc. goes to MAUREEN EMMONS! Maureen, drop me a line at with your address. I am planning to take a quick pic of the prize this week and post it on the blog. :-) One item I bought last summer on a whim and saved it for the release of The Rancher's Runaway Princess! There will be a new newsletter out soon, with news on the next contest.

And then...well, double wow on the entrants for my Pitch Contest. I really did not expect to receive as many entries as I did. How many? FORTY EIGHT. 48. Holy smokes. Almost fifty entries. It is going to be really tough narrowing it down to just FIVE to send me a first chapter.

I have printed each pitch out and I'm going to go through them all, so please bear with me. I think I might just have an idea how my editor feels, lol. Most of you know I'm under some heavy deadlines this winter - I just handed in one book and I have another due the end of March - so I'm asking for your patience. The reason being...every pitch is going to receive feedback. I haven't yet decided if I am going to post the finalling pitches here or not, but I'd like to because it might be neat to explain why a particular pitch stood out.

I do hope to be fairly prompt and not keep people waiting too long, and the goal is to have the first chapters and the final winner all announced by the end of February at the latest.

Many thanks to everyone who entered. I am really looking forward to this whole process.

Today I get to be writerly and I am going to the local RWA chapter meeting. January's was cancelled and I missed December's due to deadline, so I'm really looking forward to re-meeting everyone again.


  1. Oh wow! Forty eight entries is amazing! Thank you so much for your offer to comment on each entry, that is so generous of you.

  2. Wow, that is quite the response. Take the time you need, after all your writing needs to come first. Your generosity is appreciated, but squeeze the decision making and commenting in around your writing schedule.