Monday, February 09, 2009

Pitch Number Four - Sri Pammi

Ah, a weekend of house cleaning, reading, knitting, and a drawer or two cleaned out. At least some odd jobs got done that have been needed doing.

The weekend also saw a brand new review for The Rancher's Runaway Princess at Romance Reader at Heart. Kay James gave a wonderful review and said "I think the things I enjoyed the most about this story were the down-home, normal touches. A fiddle, a dance, a stand taken over a horse’s well-being, as well as kisses in the moonlight and fluttering hearts, make this tale shine. They are small touches but when pulled into the tender romance they add a layer that brings Brody and his princess fully to life. "

The whole review is HERE.

And we're back at Monday again, so as promised, here is finalist pitch number four.

Hi Donna,

Here's my pitch for the contest. This is a completed manuscript geared towards Harlequin Presents line.

I'm attaching a word file of the pitch. If you want me to send it in the body of this email, please let me know and I will send it right back.Thank you so much for doing this for aspiring writers.

Thank you once again.


The Greek Tycoon’s Substitute Wife-Pitch
Sri Pammi

After finding her fiancĂ© in bed with another woman the night before her wedding, Catalina Dowling has given up on men. But she agrees to marry the Greek shipping tycoon Theron Dionysius when her half-sister Fiona runs away hours before the wedding. It wasn’t marriage; it was war with the gorgeous playboy who threatened to sink her father’s business if she didn’t become his substitute wife.

What Cat hadn’t foreseen was that under the tough exterior of her husband lay a caring heart. But she has the memory of the love of his life and her half-sister Fiona to fight. Dare she ever hope to be more than a substitute?

Theron Dionysius’s best laid plans to thwart his mother crumbled to dust when his fiancĂ©e ran away but he was determined to not return to Greece without a wife. He has met one too many women like Catalina Dowling and he was determined that she would pay for her half-sister’s disgrace. So, he gave the prickly Catalina an ultimatum- become his wife or see her parents ruined.

But having the voluptuous redhead as his wife, opened up old wounds and new desires from which he thought himself impervious. With every layer of her revealed, she set a fire to his body, his heart and his soul. Suddenly, he wants forgiveness. He wants a chance to prove himself worthy of her love. Dare he trust himself this time around?

Doesn't this sound exactly as a Presents story should? Already I know that Sri is targeting this for the right line. And my critique partner will be smiling a knowing smile today as she reads this because we have just been talking about Presents and the Beauty and the Beast plot.

The few things I mentioned to Sri in my e-mail were with regards to the half sister and the old fiance. I did think finding her fiance with another woman should be definite backstory for Cat and Sri did tell me that it is (hooray!). I also wondered about having the half sister being the runaway bride. I think the conflict could have been crystallised a bit more so I got a better sense of how it plays out, but if the execution is right this could fall right in line with Presents.

Come back tomorrow for the last of the winning pitches.


  1. D'Ann1:26 p.m.

    I have been lucky enough to read the first three chapters of this, and it's just so well done, and so well written that I can't wait to see it in book form!

  2. Hey D'Ann,

    Thank you so much. I'm just grateful to have any kind of feedback from Donna even if I don't win.


  3. Sounds great! Congrats, Sri, and good luck!!

  4. Another great pitch- and soooooo Presents!
    I would love to read this story, Sri!

  5. Nikki Cole3:33 p.m.

    Sri - another fabulous pitch and another book that I would definitely pick up to read!

    Good luck!