Friday, February 06, 2009

Pieces of a puzzle

I am dodging my cp's whip because I DO need to be finishing up chapter 2. I am really enjoying this story so far. Maybe because I had time to think about it so much while working on the last, as they are a duet. But I love both my characters dearly.

I don't think I've posted a pic of my heroine casting. This is Lily. Lily's kind of neat, I think. She is positive that marriage and babies and all that fuss is not for her. And she's got a good reason for that. And yet, she's a strong, soft hearted woman with a nurturing side that continually does for others. I love that about her. She is upbeat and positive, but with such a squishy centre underneath it all. She is a woman that really has a lot to give, and is just afraid to give it.

The other thing that happened this morning is that a piece of the puzzle finally came together for me. I have been thinking and thinking about a single title story. But something was always missing. Sometimes you just have to wait for the pieces to click into place. I read a book recently that I really enjoyed that got me to thinking. And then this morning I read a blog post elsewhere about something entirely different and bang bang bang it all fit together. Or, like keys unlocking doors one by one. Which is a similar metaphor to what will happen in the book once I sit down to write it.

All I know is that suddenly it makes sense, it feels like it could be very evocative and I'm terribly excited about it.

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