Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pics and Playlists

Working on: Chapter 3 of CBTC
Listening to: CBTC playlist
Reading: second to last RITA book

Well, you've seen all the pitches, and now it's up to me to make it through the rest and e-mail all the entrants. I've done about 13 or 14, which means I have about 30 left. My lofty goal is to get through the rest of them by next Monday, so I can start looking at the first chapters of the pitch winners.

I am enjoying writing the new book, and yesterday after the kids were home and it was too crazy noisy to try to concentrate, I finally made up a playlist. Some of the titles crack me up a bit knowing what I do about the story, but they are all songs that somehow speak to me about these characters and plot. Here's what I've got on the list:

Bring Him Home - Ryandan
Broken - Lifehouse (the song that actually started it all for me)
Marry Me - Amanda Marshall
Beautiful - Christina Aguilera
Hemorrhage - Fuel
You're Beautiful - James Blunt
Your Body is a Wonderland - John Mayer
Hello Goodbye - Live on Arrival
Gotta Be Somebody - Nickelback
Skin - Rascal Flatts
Best I Ever Had - State of Shock
Just When I Needed You Most - Bread (Go ahead and laugh)
The Blower's Daughter - Damien Rice (this is going to be for one scene in particular)
So Far Away - Staind

I think it's clear from this list that I'm a sucker for sap and a rocker at heart. :-)

The other VERY inspirational thing that happened yesterday is that I got a new picture of Jamie Bamber that is just WOW. For those of you in the UK the pic and interview is in this month's Glamour. My daughter is at the age where she is thinking of putting pictures on her bedroom walls. I said, "That is SO eighties." Then I minimized my e-mail. "No honey," I said, you put it on your desktop."

Here's my new desktop, and possible hero inspiration for a future book:

Happy Hump Day, and that's all I'm sayin'. I'm off to make that word count meter move.


  1. LOL I have 'thought' about putting hunks on my desktop but with a household of men I get teased nonstop--have decided not to try again. :-)

    Hope the writing went well!


  2. Ah, I remember too well tearing pages out of Tiger Beat and Teen Beat and plastering them all over my walls -- especially the wall right next to my bed. :D

    At the risk of thoroughly embarrassing myself, I refuse to list just whom was on those walls, though. :D

  3. I was not allowed to put thumb tacks in my walls, or put tape on the wallpaper. :-) the inside of my closet door was papered though. My mum must have opened that door to horror every time.

    Come to think of it, even then I was a bit of a rocker. Pretty sure there might have been a pic or two of Joe Elliot. LOL And maybe Rick Springfield.

  4. LOL! I had both of those pics! I had a "few" cowboy pictures my crit pictures emailed...hubby gave me the look. So they definitely didn't get put on the laptop wallpaper. But they are on my website.

  5. Great pitches! Good choices & good luck to the finalists!

    Hope :-)

  6. I'm behind in my lurking this week, Donna - critiques and my own revisions kept me from reading my favorite blogs. So, this is late, but I had to comment.

    I have, as wallpaper on my at work desktop, a very handsome man in a kilt. It rides low on his hips and the thick black strap of a naughty pair of underwear is visible. His hands are braced against the wall and his dark eyes look right into mine whenever I turn on my computer or go to my desktop for a little eye candy break. He says: "Come on, Lassie, I know you want to look!"

    Remember, this is at work - a car dealership/parts and service business where I am surrounded by salesmen, parts guys, mechanics. There is only one other woman in the entire building. And boy, do those guys hate my wallpaper! Ha.

    Have a great Valentine's Day - hope the weather improves - and good luck with the new manuscript. Rick Springfield - sigh.