Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hired: The Italian's Bride!

Working on: Revisions for RBTR

Listening to: kids watching Mythbusters

Reading: Claimed by the Rogue Billionaire

My hardbacks arrived yesterday! I was so excited to see the box, alas I was the driver and my husband had them on his lap. He opened them...stared into the box and said "Oh My God." It really was cruel of him, as I had yet to see cover art or blurb.

But I love the cover. It fits the story and the tone and yes, even the characters. In the North American version, I think you will be able to see more of the Rockies out the window. So without further ado:

Dream job - enter hot new Italian boss!

Mariella Ross has built a new life for herself at the Fiori Cascade hotel, and she isn't going to allow the new owner's devil-may-care attitude to disrupt her hard work! Even if secretly she finds Luca Fiori's laid-back charm infectious and his smile intoxicating...

Luca's showing Mari a side of life she's almost forgotten. Overcoming her dark past won't be easy, but with Luca by her side Mari's beginning to feel that anything might be possible...
In other news, huge congrats to my CP Michelle for her new 4 book deal! Readers can look forward to some more great historicals coming their way very soon.

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