Monday, February 16, 2009

Hard at work

Working on: Revisions for Rescued By The Rancher
Listening to: Josh Groban, Closer
Reading: Last Rita entry

This week sees me hard at work. I really need to focus. My revisions for Rescued By The Rancher arrived Friday night. They are involved, only because they are threads that move throughout the whole story, rather than specific bits. However all the suggestions made perfect sense to me, and I can already see how the story should be emotionally much stronger. But I cannot waste time. I only have six-odd weeks to finish Captured by the Cowboy - and I'm just over a quarter of the way through. I figure revisions will eat up about a week of that time.

Plus, I got stopped up on research and got truly frustrated with dead ends last week. I put out a call for help which gave me a few leads, but truly the best find was Saturday and I will be drafting a set of questions this morning to send off. The hope is very much that by the time the revisions are sent, I'll have my research in order and can carry on with my story. It's a matter of timing and plausibility really rather than specific detail. But it is something that does need to be right.

And I'm still making my way through pitches and chapters, and am about half through my last Rita book for judging.

Anyway I will likely still be blogging, it just might be a little less rambly and more to-the-point.

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