Saturday, February 28, 2009


Working on: housecleaning
Listening to: the rain
Reading: Such Sweet Sorrow, Katie Flynn

I don't think I'm nearly as grumpy today as I was yesterday. I'm still not happy with the weather forecast and I still believe in happy endings, but at least I'm not so nearly out of sorts. I didn't have a great writing day and that didn't help. Everything felt static and pointless. And by the time I figured out why, I had to leave the computer alone. But at least now I know. Sometimes just the smallest shift opens up the writing so it makes sense. Usually when I get stuck like that, it means something is wrong. Figuring out what it is is sometimes the hard part.

My eldest is growing up. Kids go through different stages - babyhood and toddlerhood and childhood and then a shift in that childhood which is where she is now. We left toys behind a while ago and there was no longer any sleeping with stuffed animals. It is technology and books and clothes that are the big items these days. She'd definitely becoming more aware of herself as well. We're entering the realm of sleepovers and giggly girls and angsting over what to wear. It's not all bad. When the attitude emerges, I want to pull my hair out but sometimes it is fun to watch.

She was at a sleepover last night with other giggly girls. I got a call this morning asking if she could go shopping. Shopping! I blinked and asked for details. I ended up going over and picking up her stuff and taking her a purse with her hard earned allowance dollars in it. Three girls going to the mall to spend some cash and, well, giggle and say the word "cute" a lot. I pity the parent in charge.

And it's not with me, or with her little sister.

It feels kind of weird and kind of great, all at once.

Now the test is to see what she bought with her money and if it meets the mom approval test (you want to wear WHAT to school?).

Update: She bought a pair of flip flops at Garage - cute! LOL Had lunch and spent the majority of her money at Build A Bear making a teddy bear to give to her sister. Now the two of them are gabbing a mile a minute, catching up from their 24 hours apart.


  1. Hugs, I know how you feel but they'll always be your babies.

  2. What a sweetie she sounds like. Her independence is just a sign that you're doing your job right with her.

  3. Aww bless! She spent her money on her little sister!! That didn't happen in our family until we hit our twenties. Just be thankful.