Saturday, February 14, 2009

Books, flowers, and friends

Today I had a booksigning with Julianne MacLean here in Halifax. Julianne and I had never actually met until about 5 min before the signing, and we fell into chatting immediately! She's lovely, and I totally don't think I made an idiot of myself as a fangirl. It was nice to have someone to chat to.

I did sell out as getting copies had proved difficult - basically the stores in the city shipped over their surplus as we were a little late placing our order - it was kind of a last minute thing. At least I know there are several copies that will not be on my reserves. LOL Julianne went through her titles like hotcakes. At one point a lady came up with a box of Julianne's backlist to sign! Very cool. I of course had to grab a couple of copies of her latest - one for me and one for my sister who is also a fan.

A whole lotta members of RWAC made it out too - that's the local chapter of RWA. I'm still getting to know many of the ladies in the group so it was great to chat again. This group is fabulous and in true Maritime style laugh - A LOT.

I also got to meet someone from e-harlequin and that's a real joy. It happened in October as well in Calgary when I met "Kaelee", and this time I met Lynne. It is special, knowing that someone who doesn't know you takes time out of their day to come see you and pick up a book. Lynne and I have something in common - we're both fans of Julianne's books! Unfortunately I forgot my camera and didn't have one until later when my husband came, so I don't have a picture of time. And my neighbour Phyllis also popped in!

And when my dh came he also brought flowers. Lots of the RWAC girls were around and so he came off looking the hero again. Which of course, he is. They are now in a lovely vase on my table.

Now I'm off to watch a movie with Mr. Hero and have a glass of wine. Tomorrow is hosting a tea party for a few young ladies. I will be baking shortbread and making finger sandwiches tomorrow morning!


  1. Julianne MacLean10:28 p.m.

    Had a great time today, Donna! It was so nice to *finally* meet you. Now we have the big monster signing at National to look forward to, LOL!

  2. It looks like it was a lot of fun!