Thursday, January 29, 2009

Working on: prep work for CBTC
Listening to: The Most Relaxing Classical Album in the World Ever
Reading: Rita Book number 3

Today is a special day as it marks the official birthday/anniversary of Harlequin - sixty years! I'm particularly proud, as from small beginnings this Canadian company has gone on to be the world's largest publisher of romantic fiction. And how lucky am I to be a part of it! Wow!

To celebrate, Harlequin has launched a special website - where you can have some fun. There is a listing of special stories coming to you each month. Next month is Romance's Diamond Brides and readers can enter to have a chance to win a diamond necklace and a proposal in a future book. There are special continuities planned, as well as a holiday celebration in November with thirty holiday titles coming your way (one of which appears to be my own A Bride For Rocking H Ranch in Montana, Mistletoe, Marriage.).

But for immediate gratification, you're going to want to go to the site today because you can download a free e-book. Not just one free ebook, but one from 16 different series. Sixteen books. That's a retail value of $60.

I know what I plan to do with mine - besides read them of course - I plan to review them for Harlequin's 100,000 Book Challenge. For each book reviewed, Harlequin donates to the National Centre for Family Literacy.

In other news, schools are cancelled here again. The weather has cleared but the roads are treacherous. We had several hours of freezing rain overnight, after the snow stopped. I know because it was hitting the windows like grains of sand, waking me up frequently. The driveway is a mess of slush now that it's above freezing and I'm deliberating whether pushing the slush will help what is going to become a slippery mess or make it worse. Miraculously our power has not gone out.

And the cold is better. Not gone, but better. The youngest is a chip off the old block. When I said there was no school, she said, "But mum! My book talk!" She had an oral presentation due today. I told her she would likely do it tomorrow and ruffled feathers were soothed. But I am glad that the girls look forward to those things rather than dreading them.

Now I'm off to do some prep work as I do not have any time to waste before launching into the next book - due end of March. I gave my ms another look, a kiss for luck and hit the go button. Fingers crossed.

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  1. Sorry I'm a day late, but big congratulations on the Cataromance award! That's awesome news.

    I'm glad school was cancelled today. My son had two exams scheduled, so now he'll have an extra day to study.

    Glad the cold is a bit better. It's hanging on though, isn't it? Not fun!