Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Special Event, and the Deep Freeze

Working on: Chapter nine of RBTR - slow going
Listening to: the wind and rain
Reading: The Last Champion - Deb Hale

Wow, that doesn't look quite so great does it. The book's going a little slower this week, and today I realized I had a scene in the wrong place. So the rejigging is taking up a little bit of time, and while I'm not stuck, it's not flowing like it did last week. It's okay. I know where it's going and I'll get there.

And yes, I'm STILL reading The Last Champion. I've been busier than a one armed paper hanger and reading at a pace of 50-60 pages a day. I should finish it today or tomorrow. And then...well, the reading part will be quiet for a bit as my RITA books came yesterday and it's all very top secret. LOL. So I'll be reading them.

Then - there's the weather. The storm of yesterday was for naught and we got no snow, only rain. That however has made a slushy mess and now we are getting an arctic mass coming our way and temps are plunging. Tomorrow this time it will be -13! And the forecast says the Friday commute will be -20. All I can say is BRRRR. As a result, school is being dismissed at this moment and the kids will be home early in anticipation of the roads being an ungodly mess. Then, knowing that we are headed for some prolonged cold weather, I thought checking the guage on the oil tank was a good idea.

Holy sweet cannoli, we were down to 1/4 of a tank. I called our provider who said delivery could be scheduled for mid next week. I'm thinking...1/4 tank - one week - frigid temps. Cutting it close. But it turns out the truck was actually a street over when I called and five minutes after I hung up the phone, it turned in the driveway. Thank goodness! It's not good on the pocketbook...I nearly passed out when I saw the bill...but I'll take the heat, thank you very much. And we will be wearing heavy sweaters. Up until now, the heating bill hasn't been bad. But this one...oh MY. Thank GOD oil prices are down, is all I can say.

So now all my griping aside, it's time for something fun. In the midst of all the crazy guest blogging, I didn't really explain what's happening over at eharlequin.

I have an ongoing thread over there called..."Welcome to Larch Valley". I'm posting about The Rancher's Runaway Princess and some of the inspiration, about exciting things going on, and I am having a little help from Agnes Dodds, who runs Agnes' Antiques on Main Avenue. NOTHING gets by Agnes. And you get to meet her in The Rancher's Runaway Princess.

There are some fun entries coming up and it's also your chance to get some hints as to who the next characters are and little snippets about them. Just click on the above link to come visit and read my earlier entries.

Now I need some lunch and I shall finish chapter nine if it kills me and sent it to my CP!

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