Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Letting myself go...

I like how Kate Hardy does this on her blog, so I'm going to start:

Working on: Chapter 7 of RBTR
Listening to: my kid talk silly talk to the dog
Reading: The Last Champion by Deborah Hale

The good news is I made my 2000 words goal for the day, yippee, AND I ran out for gas and to pick up BSG Season 4, AND I critiqued two FABULOUS chapters for my CP. Perhaps by saying how fabulous they are she will put away her whip for 2 minutes. But IS a great story and I'm very put out she doesn't have more for me to read.

The bad news is, I really did let myself go last year quite dreadfully. Other than the obvious weight gain, the place I'm seeing it most is in my range of motion. All over. I am stiff and inflexible.

Yesterday in keeping with the get your butt out of the chair "determination", I did legs and core exercises while hubby took his turn on the treadmill. I could have done more strength moves but instead I focused on core stuff and stretching. I couldn't believe how much better I felt even after 15 minutes of stretching and doing some twists after the weights. So one of my goals is not only to drop the pounds but improve in those areas as well.

We did order a wii fit but do not know when it will ship as they are as rare as hen's teeth around here. Maybe I'll drop a stone before it comes and that initial assessment won't be so bad when it happens. Hope does indeed spring eternal.

Right now it is freezing rain and I am waiting for the mister to get home from work. And we are taking our 3o minutes of reading time together. :-)

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  1. Glad my format inspired you :o) (And it also makes it easier if you fall behind adding books to your eHarl challenge total *g*)

    I promise, you'll really enjoy the Wii Fit.

    Good luck with the diet and exercise routine.