Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I've done it, and I'm doing it, and yes, I know.

I've done it - I've registered for Nationals In Washington and have put in my room form and hopefully will have confirmation that there is indeed a hotel room with my name on it. I am so excited - equally about the conference AND about going to DC. It is a city that has been on my "list" of places I wanted to go in the US, so it's very cool.

I'm doing it - I'm taking off some unwanted pounds and hopefully will have a good portion of it off before the conference. A lot of this is thanks to the wii fit we got. I LOVE it. And I'm down about 4 lbs in 2 weeks which is a very nice pace. I love how it weighs me every day. Not when things fluctuate of course, but because I KNOW I'm going to step on it and I want the numbers to creep downwards, I am more conscious of what I'm putting in my mouth. Last night I was very snackish, but I actually missed my workout yesterday and I didn't want to compound things by snacking before bed. Anyway even though the weight isn't that different, I do feel better simply by mixing the fun aerobic part with yoga poses.

And yes, I know. Your whip is out, isn't it Michelle. I'm just going to have breakfast and then my butt's in the chair and my document is open. I promise.


  1. Go You!! Both on the Nationals and the weight loss/keeping fit. I haven't registered for Nationals... I'm waiting to see if I have any success in the Golden Heart, then watch out DC!!

  2. Hey Donna, good for you to register for the National convention. I'm envious but I wish you all the best while you're there.

    And, I'm envious of you for getting the Wii Fit. Nice going on the weight. Oh - look everyone - I think I made a pun!

    You're doing great!

  3. Can't wait to see you! I'll be there. :)