Friday, January 09, 2009

Give me Five - A Friend in Need

This is LONG overdue but today I'm doing my Give Me Five post which is what happens when I get paid and give a portion to charity.

Today's blog isn't about charity though, it's about a friend. A friend who has had a nightmare of a year (and hopefully 2009 will be much better). A friend who I know is really struggling. Recently, I found out she's dabbling in writing again and I was thrilled to know it.

If you look at the beautiful lilac and apple blossom banner here, or the design of my webpage - well, that was done by my friend Melissa that I grew up with in New Brunswick. We were in the same class from grade 1 to 9 and went to high school together. I was good friends with one of her brothers at one point as well, and I think I knew even then that he was going to be one of the good guys when he grew up (he is). They are a great family all around. Good people. And I was thrilled to be back in touch with Mel again. Doubly thrilled that she was looking at writing some romances!

Last year, though, the troubles began when at 7 months pregnant, she was hit by a drunk driver. Thank god for angels because her 2 little ones were in the vehicle as well and help arrived to get everyone out of the van. She was taken to hospital, and everything was okay...not great, as Melissa had some injuries and the trauma, but okay.

BUT. But then baby Wyatt was born in June and the news was staggering.

Wyatt was around 16 lbs at birth and had Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension. Basically - his breathing was compromised and the prognosis was grim. VERY grim. He was put into a drug induced paralysis just so they could connect all the tubes necessary to keep him alive. He was baptised right in the neonatal ward of the hospital. It wasn't looking good.

It has been a struggle for the family and that is putting it lightly. Months of hospital time, doctors, experimental drugs, worry, financial name it, this family has had it.

Melissa set up a blog - Baby Wyatt's Story - to talk about Wyatt's journey. It is through that site that I made my donation. Wyatt's struggles are not over by a long shot, but the faith and resilience of this family is something you should read. Most of all, have a look at the latest pic of Wyatt that Mel has posted. And if you don't melt looking at those bright, happy eyes...well there's no hope for you. :-)

God Bless you Mel and Len and the Madsens and Leavitts. It's not much, but I hope it helps the teensiest bit.

Love Donna

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