Saturday, January 03, 2009

Contest Clarifications and Reel Reviews

I have been asked a few questions since announcing the contest and rather than answer in the comments, I'll do so here.

First of all, I'm very willing to read other subgenres and heat levels, so if you're writing spicy to inspirational, paranormal to contemp to historical, it makes no difference. Send it on. I read widely and enjoy reading all types of stories.

Secondly - I neglected to mention a deadline, but send your pitches by the end of the month. :-)

One of the things I've enjoyed over the holidays is movie watching.

The first movie I watched was Christmas night and it was one I've been waiting for a long time - Lady Audley's Secret. My dh got it for me in a four pack of Victorian Dramas (and so that means I have 3 more to watch!) from PBS.

Lady Audley (Lucy) has a secret - she has married while still married to someone else- George Talboys. Talboys went to Australia to find his fortune to support his wife and child. In the meantime, Lucy sheds her former life, fakes her own death, leaves her offspring with relatives and moves on to bigger and better things. What she doesn't expect is Robert Audley returning with Talboys in tow, threatening to expose her for who she really is. Talboys disappears, and everything starts to crumble.

Acting wise this wasn't flawless, but I didn't see all the twists and turns coming and I did find it quite riveting. There was a twist at the end I did not expect either.

Next up was a fun romp - Mamma Mia. My MIL is a huge ABBA fan and so we picked it up while we were visiting and the "girls" watched it while the men were puttering on a snowblower. Meryl Streep was wonderful, the "women" all fabulous including the beautiful, natural Sophie. The men - led by Pierce Brosnan as Sam - were not so great, but easily forgiven for sheer enjoyment alone and the 'nads it must take for an actor to step out of that comfort zone and sing in a musical.

It was a lot of fun and at some point I'm going to watch it in the singalong version because my MIL and I were bopping about the kitchen a bit.

Then the other night the dh decided he wanted a movie so we watched The Bucket List. I'm a huge sap, so I wasn't sure how this would go but Jack Nicholson can really save someone from being overly sentimental. It isn't a bad thing, it's just who he is. I laughed a lot, enjoyed it and finally did get a bit misty when he crossed off one of the items - Kiss the most beautiful girl in the world. It is a great movie. And fantastic casting all around - including Sean Hayes.

Last night I watched The Other Boleyn Girl. I was hoping to read the book first but I haven't gotten to it yet and since it was on the movie channel I decided to go for it. (I usually wait to watch movies after I've read). I watched Henry VIII with Ray Winstone a while back and this was a very different take. I do not as a rule like Scarlett Johansson but I did like her as Mary. Natalie Portman looked like an un-frail Kyra Knightley and was very, very good at being both innocent and sympathetic and devious and cunning. Eric Bana....well, yum. Duh. What intrigued me was that this particular perspective painted Henry as being particularly weak about women and his relationships with them were his achilles heel. In some ways, the women controlled him rather than the other way around. Henry then would save himself by weilding the power of the crown, but not power as a man. Like I said - a different perspective.

So - that's my movie watching over the last few weeks. Tonight I may watch PS I Love You as I haven't seen it yet either!


  1. Thanks for the clarification on the contest, Donna. I'm defintiely going to enter!


  2. P.S. Be armed with lots of klennex for 'PS I Love You'.