Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blogging About Town and Tea Parties

Today is release day for The Rancher's Runaway Princess! Whooopeee!

To celebrate, I'm blogging all over the web this month and three of those posts - yes THREE - are today.

First of all, come on over to The Pink Heart Society as I talk about one of my favourite travel destinations that I won't be visiting quite so often anymore.

Then pop over to Tote Bags n Blogs, where I'm geeking it out over my fave tv show. I mean really showing my inner fangirl - and how it all relates to writing romance.

And finally, pop on over to the Wedding Planners blog where I reveal about the non-stress wedding that turned stressful in the last 24 hours before the I do's.

I didn't get as much done yesterday as I hoped which means amidst all the festivities, bank runs and post office errands I need to get the lead out today. Shoveling snow, paperwork, a headache and the arrival of the Wii fit were my excuses yesterday. But I do like this story a lot and now I'm getting into the last third and it feels good.

And the kids and I had a chat last night about extracurricular stuff. Mostly about what they're enjoying and about what they're not so much, about fulfilling commitments (yes, I turned into my mother. I paid xxx amount of dollars for you to go, so you'll see it through) and then moving on when the commitment is done. It is ok if they don't want to keep on. Sometimes you have to try things before you know if you like it or not.

I do think things are going to change next year though as both are very interested in music and it is one thing I have let slide this school year. My fault, not theirs. So I'm actually kind of excited for some plans we have and I'm going to talk to their music teacher about it. I was pretty happy with how the conversation went, they told me what they were liking and not liking, and so now I know. It helps that I agree. I just remember wanting to join 4-H when I was a kid and the only course I was allowed to take was sewing. I hated sewing (and still do for the most part). I wanted horses or cows or cooking. I won't force my kids to do something they don't enjoy.

The other thing going on is that my youngest wants to have a Valentine Tea Party. Just one or two girls, I think. But she suggested hot cranberry instead of tea and I have no idea how to make it (is it just water and cranberry?). I can also ask the girls what they like and do heart shaped sandwiches and dainty shortbread cookies and strawberries and cream. She asked to use the china cups which I said yes to and I could polish the silver I suppose as I have a tiered tea tray for the goodies.

Any other suggestions? I was never the tea party type. Ironically one of my dearest wishes now is to have a full tea set. I may have to check out an estate sale or two...


  1. Nina in Ohio4:26 p.m.

    Donna -

    My daughter is 19 and in college now but she loved to do fun things like tea parties - we used my rice china set to do it. This is a great opportunity to have your daughter and friends make up valentine gifts for grandparents or elderly neighbors that would love to get something from a child. Maybe a bunch of heart cards for those in a nearby nursing home. Also, making their own "tiaras" would be fun as well - there are a lot of great craft blogs and sites you could utilize. Here's a good site for ideas:

  2. I used to have red heart-shaped paper doilies on the table with a clear plate on top(so nice when seeing the doilie through the plate). I'd decorate with red,white and pink balloons on the walls around the table and a red rose for each guest is nice. I made place cards in the shape of a heart and with a tab at the bottom so they could stand and their name was on the tab. Have fun!!!

  3. Hot cranberry juice is lovely.

    You can either just heat the cranberry juice up. Or do a mixture of one third cranberry to two thirds water. Cranapple also works.

    I tend to drink hot cranberry juice when I am cold.