Monday, December 15, 2008

Regular blogging resumes

Wow, what a contest! Now that it's over, we can get back to regular blogging which probably isn't anywhere near as exciting.

The contest turned out to be a blessing as I preloaded a lot of the posts. I've been head down into extensive revisions and it meant I didn't need to break focus. I'm still working on them, but the worst of the work is done, and I'm starting a second pass through this morning. The sincere hope is that by tomorrow night, they will be ready to send off.

Attracion Irrestible (Falling for Mr. Dark and Dangerous) is out in Spain this month, and slotted for release in the US, Argentina etc. in March.

And Hired by the Cowboy is out in Italy in January, under the title of Due Sconoscuiti a Nozze. It has one of Jennie Adams's covers, which made me do a double take and smile. Every month I've had a book out, so has Jennie.

I have attended Christmas concerts, done Christmas baking, have finished 90% of my shopping and wrapping, and also ended up with a cold/flu thing that is being rather annoying at the moment.

Today I have a post over at the Pink Heart Society for Male on Monday - all about my favourite holiday hunks. Watching Christmas movies is one of my favourite things to do - most often with a cup of tea or cocoa and my kids.

And of course The Rancher's Runaway Princess is available right now on eharlequin and the Mills and Boon sites. The official release date is Jan 13 for in-store and on amazon etc. The e-book will be available on Jan 1 on both sites (hooray for Mills and Boon and e-books!).
Now...I'm off for a cup of tea...honestly tea has never tasted so good as it has the last 2 days...and finishing up revisions. If I can stay awake...

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