Friday, December 05, 2008

On the Fifth Day of Christmas - Superrific!

Before I get to today's authors, I want to say a huge thanks to everyone who has entered, commented on the blog or mentioned in their entries how much they're enjoying this. I am too. I was so excited I was definitely thinking of making this an annual event. Now there's no question. So thank you everyone!

Now to get back to the fun:

Today we have 2 authors to highlight, both Superromance authors, both incredibly witty and fun. I met both Kay and Ellen on the eharlequin boards. They're both likely to stir up a little trouble, in the best possible way of course. I'm hoping they pop over to the comments today to create some mischief!
Here's Kay Stockham - and isn't she disgustingly gorgeous??????
I've always wanted to be a writer, ever since the age of seven or eight when I copied the pictures out of a Charlie Brown book and rewrote the story because I didn't like the plot. Through the years my stories have changed, but one thing has always stayed true: romance. Each and every one of my manuscripts included a love story so what else could I be but a romance writer?

I've worked as a receptionist/secretary for several law firms, a grunt in a library, a computer lab tech and also tried my hand at being a secretary/office manager for a large commercial real estate development company. But while these various jobs paid the bills, I wanted more.

My chance came after I quit work to stay home with my family. But while I loved being home, I was climbing the walls. Honestly, I HATE housekeeping. Dirty clothes, dishes, sweeping? I'd rather read, but what do you do when you run out of things to read? Write. So I did. In between diaper changes, teething, another baby, preschool and kindergarten, I was about to toss in the towel and go job-hunting when I sold my first book to Superromance. My feet haven't touched the floor since getting the call. Talk about thrilling! I'm living my dream. To date I've contracted eleven stories, but I hope it's only the beginning.

And now the ever hysterical Ellen Hartman - honestly this woman can keep me in stitches. How can you not laugh at a woman whose website proclaims "Love is no joke. But it sure is funny."?

I've been making a living as a writer ever since I got my creative writing degree from Carnegie Mellon University and went to work for Microsoft. I spent fifteen years writing technical manuals no one ever read until I finally decided to take a shot at writing what I really love—romance.

I wrote much of my first novel in the back of a preschool classroom while I was trying to ease my younger son’s separation anxiety. I had agreed to stick around for a day, maybe two. Somehow—the exact chain of events is hazy—one day turned into a full year of scribbling in a notebook on the bench in the corner. My son is now a completely independent elementary school student (phew!), and that book became my first sale to Superromance.

My husband and I are both from Scranton, Pennsylvania. We met on a blind date on New Year’s Eve in a mutual love-at-first-sight moment—which would make an awesome novel, if only my husband would agree to be “fictionalized.” We live with our sons in a college town in New York State. I'm still employed as a technical writer, working at the local university. In my spare time (HA!), I write romance, read as much as I can, and hang out with my boys.

Kay and Ellen have donated the following books to the prize pack:

You can visit their sites too, at and

Today's clue is Wreath

As always - one entry per day, to with 12 Days of Christmas in the subject line and today's clue in the body of the e-mail.


  1. I am enjoying these blog days of Christmas, seeing all the authors, their stories, and books. I have several of Kay Stockham's books but I have to say have not read Ellens yet. I will have to remedy that. Thanks!!

  2. Wow,double treat today!! Really am enjoying this,Donna,thanks. Have to confess I hadn't heard of Kay until one of the Ornament Exchanges then I felt so bad when I found out she was an author!! So immediately ordered one of her books. Ellen I have read and "talked" with on the boards here and thoroughly appreciate her humor. Thanks again!

  3. I'm really glad you're enjoying it Judy and Cheryl!

    I have a confession. I look at the bag of books sitting here and flirt with the idea of just reading a page or two...lord, it's a worse temptation than chocolate. But if I do that, I'll end up having an amazon bill the size of Peru!

  4. Ahem---Kay is the beautiful one and I'm the funny sidekick?

    Hmm. Not sure I'm entirely okay with this. Next year I want my own page. ;-)

    (I probably shouldn't make jokes like this in a forum where people don't know me. I'm totally kidding. Seriously. Kay is as sweet as she is gorgeous.)

    If any of you haven't read Kay's book, enter the contest!!! His Son's Teacher is a tremendous book with the type of hero I love best--wounded single dad. swoon

    I'm glad our word for the day was "wreath." I'd hate to get stuck with something like "cleaning the house so you have a space for the tree." I would have been good with eggnog, though. Or gin--is that a holiday word?

    Thanks for hosting us, Donna!


  5. Gin's a holiday word in this house, Ellen. But I'm starting to worry about you...gin on this blog and tequila on the eharl version????

    Holiday stress getting to you?


  6. Dear Donna,
    I was just trying to stay interesting. You case people read both places--nothing worse than a joke when you know the punch line.

    I'm strictly a gin woman. Unless there's champagne. :-)

  7. No one could EVER accuse you of being boring! LOL

    See now I'm a red wine girl. But gin's lovely, with tonic and a lime wedge...

    Eggnog. Mmmm. I'm thinking the clue for MY turn should be fruitcake. What do you think?

  8. Hi, gals! LOL Ellen. Please don't leave me alone! Thanks for the compliment but the fat chick covered in acne will always be that kid. YOU rock.

    Cheryl, no problem on not knowing me. You do now, right?

    Donna, thanks for the invitation to come play!


  9. Fat chick covered in acne...

    Hey? How'd you get my picture????

    Well... I grew out of the acne at least.

    I'm awfully glad you stopped by, Kay!

  10. Kay--those high school selves are hard to shed, aren't they? I was the funny sidekick then too. Except I wasn't funny--painfully shy was more the thing. It's a wonder any of us ever grow up!

    Donna--fruitcake? I'm not getting the connection...;-)

  11. Bless your cotton socks. For not thinking I'm a fruitcake.

  12. I have read several of Kay's book , but not Ellen's yet.

  13. Hi Estella! It was nice to see some new people checking in! Hi Judy and Cheryl too.

    I hope the winner enjoys the books. I know I got a ton of enjoyment out of the many free books I picked up at the RWA National conference this summer.