Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I'm over at Tote Bags 'N' Blogs today, so come on over and see what's cookin'.

I had a fairly eventful "day off" in that I did laundry, made Steak and Guinness Pie, washed dishes, helped with a school project, and did Secret Santa stuff for school this week. I even finished up a blog post I have due later in the month. Once I had a nap, I guess I felt like puttering.

Today's post is not long but something that needs to be said because without it I wouldn't have managed this last few weeks. My revisions are in and I do not know what happens now, hopefully they are everything my editor was looking for...I do know I worked my butt off and did my best work. So fingers crossed it did the trick.

It's no secret this project has been a challenge, heck I blogged about it months ago as I was writing the first draft. There's lots of theories as to why it was difficult, and it could just be that it was my turn to have one of "those" books. It doesn't matter why, what matters is that it was the hardest thing I ever wrote and then I turned around and had two huge sets of revisions on it.

As a writer, my confidence took a huge beating. I felt so at sea, and as Trish so eloquently put it recently - the whole I SUCK thing came into play. I truly felt beaten. I felt pressured and inadequate and a whole other gamut of emotions at one point.

And here's the whole point of the post at last...I have great friends.

Jenna, Trish, Natasha - my PHS buds who are on IM and who make me laugh even when I'm crying at my own pity party - thanks. To Liz who assured me I could do it and let me know I wasn't alone, to Kate who sent lovely e-mails and surprised me with a phone call and a bribe for finishing (and thank you darling, because it came and I've started watching already) and for the greatest CP a chick could EVER want - Michelle - who despite being very ill re-read every revised word, talked me off of ledges, and phoned when she was worried I was being buried under used tissues. You guys rock. SERIOUSLY.

And the topic of how supportive my husband has He said words I never expected on the phone one day when I was stuck..."Ok, so let's talk through it." Who knew he'd end up being a brainstormer?

The journey with this silly book might not be over but as Michelle keeps telling me, I learned a lot from it.

Maybe the most important thing I learned is how great my friends are.


  1. I'm glad it's done and out there, so you can enjoy Christmas.

    I'd never get anything done without my writing friends. Like you, I'm really thankful.

    And...YOU DON'T SUCK.

  2. Anonymous10:21 a.m.

    What a great post, Donna. And how great that you have such a supportive network of friends. I hope the revisions are what your editor wants.

    Happy Holidays and a great 2009.


  3. You definitely don't suck. Definitely don't.

    And the friendship thing is a two way street you know. . .

    I'm glad that the bribe - ahem - research arrived. I hope you're working hard on it! ;o)


  4. Haha! Watched 2 epis last night.