Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day off

My revisions are sent and I'm taking a day off. I had a horrible night. We had high winds and rain, and my cough was worse so I slept downstairs. Only I was up what felt like every hour on the hour. I'm completely and utterly bagged this morning. So I'm doing a few things that need doing up (that I ignored during revisions) and a couple of loads of laundry as I've been told the kids would prefer to have pants to wear tomorrow.

Then I'm either sleeping or reading. I think I'll probably start with the reading, and likely fall asleep.

Catch you on the other side- hopefully on the other side of this bug.


  1. Poor you! Hope you feel better soon. :-)

    And big congratulations on getting your revisions off. I'm sure it's a relief to have them gone.

  2. Hope you feel better soon, and enjoy the day off - well, when you can between the laundry! :)