Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Catching up on Book Blogs

I've read a few books I haven't blogged but I'm keeping it short as, well, I'm pressed for time. These have already been logged for the eharlequin challenge and I'm C&P'ing from there. And signups are going on for the 2009 challenge. It's easy and a great cause, and if you're reading anyway...

Veiled Truth - Vivi Anna

Theron and Lyra in the third installment of the Valorian Chronicles. The windup to the murders happening in Necropolis with an open window to Mahina's story in "Mahina's Storm" and Kellen's story to follow later. The secret "weapon" used to defeat the villian is really great!

Blue Remembered Heels - Nell Dixon

Blue Remembered Heels is Nell Dixon's debut with Headline's Little Black Dress imprint. It's a quirky, fun story told in the first person with a cast of great characters. The heroine is Abbey, who was struck by lightning and now is incapable of lying. The catch? She and her sister and brother are con artists, and little do they know that their latest con also has links to the disappearance of their mother several years before. Throw in a gangster or two, a professional footie player and a cop who's sweet on Abbey and hot on the trail, and you're in for a fun, entertaining read.

This review was done last month before things went stupid crazy, so is a bit longer:

The Journey Home - Linda Ford

I'll admit it, I don't read a lot of Steeple Hill. They are just not my thing in general. That being said, I do read them when they come my way, and while some leave me "meh" others I really enjoy.

Linda is a friend of mine but this is the first of hers I'd read. I'm a bit embarrassed about that, and more so because even though SH is NOT my general reading preference, I LOVED this book.

How much I loved it was unexpected. In addition to the inspy thing, the hero is native american - or more accurately, a "half breed". Also not my fave type of hero, and I had some reservations (haha) as I started the first few chapters. But Linda really hits home the "it's all in the execution" thing because I loved her heroine and really grew to love the hero too. He's a good man. A really good man. And like Charlotte and the townspeople learned to look beyond his skin colour, so did I. I cried while reading this book - loved the hero's dad Leland and the ending was happy happy happy.

Linda's LI historicals so far I believe take place during the depression which is something I've not seen before and something I really enjoyed. She has a beautiful voice and there were places in it that I just saw so much of HER in the heroine, and yet Charlotte was just herself.

I'm going to try to get my hands on her other LI Hist. releases as well and if I remember right there's a new one due out early in 09.

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