Thursday, November 20, 2008

Snow, Power Outages, and Number 53.

It was miserable yesterday, cold and rainy and just uck. But then, after the kids got home from school, it started snowing. And blowing. The fact that it started sticking was a surprise, after all the rain we'd had. After supper, the power flickered, but then seemed okay. Until 7:45, when everything went black. And stayed that way!

I lit a few candles and sparked up the gas fireplace, took a flashlight and got out the hurricane lamps and lit those. I read to the kids by lamplight and then tucked them in with their fuzziest jammies and an extra blanket in their very dark rooms. I read for a little while, folded a load of laundry in the semi-dark, and went to bed at 9:30.

At 12:15 the power came on - for all of 30 seconds. I woke up immediately as the television came on (which is weird, I thought it would stay off) and I came downstairs to turn it off. I did. And it went black. And I hadn't brought my flashlight! LOL

So back up to bed until 6 a.m., which is when the phone line also went down because when that happens the alarm system beeps out a notification that says "Hey, dummy. Your phone's out" every 20 seconds.

The kids got in bed with me (yes, hubba bubba out of town until tonight) and we got up around 7 and turned on the radio. School is ON. So we turned on the fireplace again, lit the lamps, and had breakfast until it got light enough out to have decent light in the kitchen. Then just as we were putting our coats and boots on, the power came back on, huzzah! If it hadn't been back on by now, I would have turned on the generator simply to power the fridge and freezer. I'm glad I didn't have to!

This is out my office window shortly after 7 this morning

I should have been finishing chapter four yesterday, but instead I read - e-cover to e-cover - Donald Maass's The Career Novelist.

Review: My CP recommended this book a long time ago but it was impossible to find. But this fall Donald Maass offered it for FREE as a pdf download on his agency site and I jumped at it. I have to admit, I put writing aside to read it - ALL OF IT - yesterday.

The last chapters were more of a skim for me as some of the information is outdated - the book was published in the 90's so some of the market bits were not quite as relevant as they might have been. But the beginning chapters were FANTASTIC and I think anyone who really wants a career in this business should give it a look. For one, it made me feel confident in the desire to not just be published but to make this a career and a successful one. It also made me look at my motives and way of thinking in relation to where I want to go, and what sort of agent I'm going to want when the time comes.

The book is free, you've got nothing to lose and lots to gain. It can be downloaded at

Right - I really should finish this chapter now as when it's done I need to clean the house and prepare for company tomorrow!

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  1. Ohmigosh, I've been complaining on facebook about how Mother Nature has gotten Florida confused for Canada...I take it back. Never has my front yard looked like that! (Except for once they dug all the grass up and the sand looks really white, so if you squint, you can kind of imagine it looking like snow ;o)

    Stay warm!!