Sunday, November 02, 2008

Family Time...

Had a great weekend, though I have quickly realized the folly of crantinis. Last night we had friends over for nibblies that were so good - the dh made his hot wings, we made sweet potato fries, some puff pastry hors d'oeuvres, dry garlic pork, and tortilla chips with dip. The boys sparked up the margarita machine and I had the shaker making crantinis. But it was a good time!

Before they came over, I spent a few hours with the kids making christmas ornaments. We make them every year, buy the kits at the craft store, get out the wire cutters and pliers and get going. We really enjoy it and give many of them away, but we always keep one of each design for inclusion on our tree...we are getting to have quite a collection of homemade ornaments.

And today I had a writer's group meeting, but before that, the family sat down and watched The Golden Compass.

My review is going to be short. Basically...loved it all the way through - great characters, twists that kept me guessing, but completely lacking the payoff in the end. I know the intention was to make sequels all that are up in the air for the moment. But the movie didn't end. It's okay to leave a thread or two unsolved but not this many and not this big. My mouth fell open and I yelled, "That's IT?" I was mad. I felt so cheated.

So shame on you, Golden Compass makers who didn't make a standalone film with a satisfying ending.

The other thing I did last week was read Cara Colter's latest Harlequin Romance. It's the first of hers I've read and it definitely won't be the last. Her Royal Wedding Wish had mystery, great characters, and I want to e-mail her now and ask if she watches THE UNIT, because the hero is a special forces soldier and I ate it up with a spoon. It was a GREAT read, with a spunky heroine and a sexy guy I could definitely fall for. I met Cara a few weeks ago when we sat together at a book signing. She's super-nice and so I'm doubly glad I enjoyed her book so very much.

Right - I'm pooped, knackered, tuckered out and various other forms of fatigue, so I'm going to read a bit and then hit the hay.

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  1. I'm a longtime fan of Cara Colters. She's done some wonderful stories.