Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Charlotte Gray

I have yet another reel review - last night after kids were asleep and I finished up some odds and ends, I put on Charlotte Gray which was on my DVR. So two nights of Rupert Penry Jones which isn't a bad way to start off the week. :-)

I love WWII movies and this was pretty good...not wow but there are definitely bits that will stay in my mind and be played over and over again later. At times there seemed to be gaps, where I sensed there were deeper motivations behind Charlotte's eyes. I wanted to know WHY she'd fall for the handsome, boyish aviator (beyond the fact that he was, handsome, boyish, and a pilot). I absolutely believed in her wanting to go to France as a spy - because she felt strongly for the cause but even more because she had heard that Peter had gone down over France. But I was puzzled why she didn't work harder at finding Peter. I understood she got embroiled in the local situation, but there was really only one reference to her being torn between Julien, the local resistance leader, and her MIA lover (and you can understand the attraction of him in his uniform - and without it). Now I wonder if those missing pieces were present in the book and simply didn't make it into the movie.

Michael Gambon was amazing as usual and totally believable. An old crusty frenchman with a clear eye to his faults and a good heart beneath it all - and one that was quite fond of Charlotte. Billy Crudup as Julien was lovely. And FWIW I understood why she went back to him in the end instead of being with Peter. Peter was too pretty. And when he told her in the beginning that war changed people, she realized in the end it was true. It had changed her, and had shown her where her heart truly lay.

The movie was good but with a few added elements could have really been a sweeping drama.

Up tomorrow - A book blog as I only have 100 pages left and that's just because it was getting wayyyy too late last night to finish it.

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