Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Book Blog - NUMBER 52!!!!!!

I reached my personal goal of 52 books today. I figured one a week was reasonable factoring in deadlines and moving and whatever other crazy stuff life throws my way. But now it looks like I'm going to surpass that goal...and now I'm aiming for 60 by the end of the year.

The book that was number 52 is also by the author of my favourite book of the year - Julianne MacLean. I read Surrender to a Scoundrel in nearly one sitting (I had to feed my family) late last winter and I've had more of hers in my tbr. Number 52 was An Affair Most Wicked from the same series and it was wonderful. An Affair Most Wicked is part of MacLean's American Heiress Series published by Avon.

It follows the story of Clara, an impulsive, generous, and unconventional American in London, staying with her sister Sophia (from To Marry The Duke). An accident of invitations puts her and her chaperone at a very inappropriate ball where she meets Seger, the Marquess of Rawdon - also extremely inappropriate as husband material.

Sparks fly, the sex is HOT and the pages turned very quickly. It's always a good sign when a reader says "Just this chapter" and inevitably starts another. Clara's a loveable heroine and Seger a sexy, bad-boy with a good-heart hero. There's also a great twist at the end. It's not often I get so caught up in a book that I read like a reader and not a writer, but I've done so with both of MacLean's books I've read this year.

Not since reading the historicals of Judith McNaught have I been so taken with the ton. MacLean blends it all with a great sense of wit that I love. I laughed out loud when Clara is having to put up with Seger's cousin and she has the thought I am going to blow a gasket.
FABULOUS and there are more of hers in my TBR, yippee!

I think next year I'll aim for one hundred. I do know that moving across the country put a big dip in my reading time what with selling the house, packing, moving, renovating and unpacking. Surely I can add a few extra books to what I managed this year!

Currently reading: The Career Novelist, Donald Maass; Hell or High Water, Lance Goddard - about the Canadians in Italy in WWII.

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