Friday, October 31, 2008

Reel Review and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Today's Halloween and you can find me over at the Pink Heart Society talking about some of my favourite creepy movies and books, while my cohort in crime Jenna talks about costumes...she's clearly more of a Halloween spirit than I am.

I indulged in watching a movie last night.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age was on On Demand. I'm not sure how historically accurate it was, though it bore some resemblances to the 2 part series of Elizabeth I that I watched a while back.

But I enjoyed it. A lot.

And most of that enjoyment, shallow thing that I am, came from Clive Owen.


Favourite scene: 2 actually. One where Raleigh and Bess get it on - even though there is no nudity, it's HOT. And the second is Mary's execution. It was BEAUTIFULLY shot. Stunning. Really affecting.

Ack! Off to do the school run!

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  1. Hi Donna! I'm fresh from the writers' meeting where it was such a pleasure to discover your arrival here. I too love Clive Owen in 'Elizabeth: The Golden Age'. My favorite scene is the one where the queen makes him dance with her lady in waiting. Tense.