Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Prep work - and Brand New Casting!

I have spent the last few days doing prep work for Rescued By The Rancher - namely doing up character sheets, jotting down notes for scenes that are popping into my head, and of course, my casting. Tomorrow morning, HALLELUJAH, I'm starting Chapter One.

I really like my hero, Andrew Laramie. He's a touch of prodigal son, fully aware of mistakes he's made but not always going the right way about making amends. And one of the people he needs to make amends to is the heroine, Jen O'Keefe.

Jen's the hometown girl, sweet with a bit of spunk and in some ways clear eyes when it comes to seeing Andrew. Of course clarity really isn't much of a defence against first love. She used to own the town bakery, until a brand new grocery store was built and put her out of business. And while Andrew has a plan to rescue her as well as his horses, she has no intention of being rescued at all.

I think there is lots of potential for heartstrings moments as well as some spark, and I'm looking forward to diving in. For now - here's my casting:

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